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D1. Nimman Parfait


Nimman Signature parfait; layered with Daily Thai Dessert, Sticky rice...


D2. Honey Fried Banana


Hand-picked banana coated in a butter mix, deep fried and...

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D3. Lava Toast (Limited Quantity Daily) 🍞


Baked Skull toast stuffed with Homemade Butter, topped with maple...

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D4. Mango Sticky Rice (Seasonal)


Nimman's signature Pandanus sticky rice, served with fresh yellow-ripe sweet...


D5. Ice Cream


2 Big Scoops of selection Ice creaam. Best to finished...

Delivery and Pick Up

FREE Delivery in map area with Minimum order $30 before tax. The average time for Delivery 45 minutes to an hour. The average time for pick up 20 to 35 minutes. We cook every dishes and sauces from fresh and we DO NOT do 1 Hour Delivery Guaranteed

Upon Ordering

Please inform us of any food allergies upon ordering, by leaving notes or special instructions. All items, prices and terms are subject to change without notice